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Which subject? Which country? Which university? 

'You can spend hours on the internet and feel even more confused.' Dr Weinhold, Berlin.


Which subject? 

We have supported a wide range of subject applications to an even wider range of universities, which reflects how carefully we consider each applicant's requirements.  If you are unsure which subject to study, we can offer Careers Advice before starting the process as described in How we can help.  Sometimes it may be advisable to take a Gap Year in order to gain more maturity and confidence in subject choice. 

If you wish to apply for Medicine, Oxford and Cambridge, and Art, Music and Drama you need to be aware that these applications are especially complicated owing to the competitive nature of the university or the complexity of the subject. Entry requirements are set high and selection processes are vigorous. Early preparation is essential as deadlines are surprisingly early. Please note that Medicine is only offered at Graduate level in the USA.

Which country?

Our consultants have specialist knowledge on applications to the UK, USA and EU.  Deciding which country for your studies is often based on budget and distance.  American schools (meaning universities) are usually much more expensive than their European counterparts.  However high performing athletes may apply for Athletics Scholarships.  Students increasingly request to apply to more than one country, as education has become more global, and a wider range of courses are taught in English.  

Which university? 

Once you are clear about your subject choice we can define which universities would be appropriate for you.The university location is a major factor to consider. Do you want to live in a big city or in a campus environment?  London is not the only place to study in the UK!  In the States, do you want West Coast or East Coast?  Do you want to be near an airport to get home easily? What are the universities specialisms and rankings? Do rankings help me or are they just confusing?  Can I reach the entry requirements?  Is my English strong enough or should I take some extra training?  Finally, am I being persuaded to study somewhere just because a lot of my friends know about it? 


We help you make these choices through a structured process which takes you through the steps of application.

We have received offers from over 200 universities in the past, including many which are high ranking and which are listed on our Home Page.  To book a consultation please make contact through the Contact Form. 

 Successful applications include: 


Humanities and Social Sciences

Business and Economics


International Relations








Engineering and Science






Veterinary Science



Animal Behaviour


Creative Arts and Media 

Fine arts


Theatre Costume Design

Graphic Design


Media and Communication



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