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Oxford and Cambridge 

Entry to these universities requires a high level of maturity and motivation owing to the intensity of the programme and environment. The application process can appear to be daunting, but with our support we make this much easier for you.  Applications require careful preparation and attention to detail.  Applicants need to show true passion for their subject and to hold high aspirations in order to be successful. 

After the initial consultation, Marie-Louise and her team will give an honest assessment as to whether they feel a student is suitable to apply for such a competitive course of study. If a student is accepted onto the programme, they will be guided through the steps of application, which can sometimes take more than one year in order to provide adequate time to develop a C.V., academic essays and interview skills.


In addition, students need to demonstrate their interest outside the classroom which may be through extra studies and reading, or through work experience.  Admissions tests are usually required, for which training can be provided at extra cost. Students are supported throughout the journey from initial counselling to final interview. 

How can we help? 
  • We will research the best subject options for you.


  • We will assist with College selection. 

  • We will advise on how to present your passion for the subject most effectively in the Personal Statement. 

  • We can provide extra training for subject entry tests to increase your chances of achieving high scores. 

  • We can advise you on the extra essays or statements required. 

  • ​We can suggest extra research and reading outside your school curriculum. 

  • If you are selected for interview, we can assist with interview practice in order to increase your confidence. 

Our support through the application process is explained here.


The initial consultation is extremely important with regard to these applications as we will be able to assess a student's ability and likelihood of successful application.  To book a consultation please make contact through the Contact Form.

Past applications include:


Natural Sciences


History and Politics



Human, Social and Political Sciences 






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