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Medical school entry

Dr Lucy Marples acts as our external consultant on applications to Medical School. She is happy to assist students who have taken 'A' levels or the IB Diploma for applications to the UK, and has extensive experience in advising students on Medical School applications, including interview practice and test training. Please note that Medicine is only offered as a graduate programme in the USA. 

International students who are taking more general high school diplomas may be able to apply to an EU medical school, although one needs to be aware that you will be required to communicate in the language of the country during the final clinical year. There may also be possibilities in other English speaking countries in the EU such as Malta and Cyprus. 


Applicants must show a real commitment to medicine, which must be reinforced by relevant work experience, and be clearly demonstrated in the Personal Statement and Interview.

Remember that entry requirements are stringent, and applicants must achieve the highest grades in at least two sciences at higher level to include Chemistry and one other. In addition to school leaving qualifications and IELTS, medical school entry examinations, either UKCAT or BMAT, will also need to be taken. These tests are extremely important as part of the selection process.


How can we help? 
  • We will research the best options for you. Our knowledge and experience will save a great deal of time and stress.


  • We will advise on how to present your work experience most effectively in the Personal Statement. 

  • We can provide extra training in the UKCAT OR BMAT tests to increase your chances of achieving high scores. 

  • We can advise you on the extra essays or statements required. 

  • ​If you successfully jump all the hurdles to gain an interview, we can provide support with interview practice to increase your confidence. 


 Our support through the application process is explained here.


The initial consultation is extremely important with regard to these applications as we will be able to assess a student's ability and likelihood of successful application.  To book a consultation please make contact through the Contact Form.

Dr Lucy Marples  MBBS MPhil BA Hons

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