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Essay Writing 



Our experience has shown that over a period of one month we can improve essay grades from 50% to 70% and SAT grades by 10%, subject to a student’s ability and aptitude.

Lynn Weston is a specialist in teaching writing and English language development. She is also an examiner in English for the International Baccalaureate.  Our team are all experienced teachers, and have a wide range of subject knowledge. 


We usually combine this work with our support for university applications. 


Entry requirements

Minimum age - 17 plus.

Minimum English Level - IELTS 6.5 Upper Intermediate. 


Who is this for? 

  • students who are applying to university 

  • students who need to take preliminary entry examinations e.g. TSA Oxbridge

  • students who are already at university and are struggling with essay writing


Please note that we do not write your essays for you!  


Course content

The programme includes: 

  • structure and organisation of ideas

  • accuracy in register and grammar

  • techniques for answering questions and developing themes appropriately

  • how to provide coherence in argument and counter argument   

Course structure 

The course is tailor-made and is designed after the preliminary one- to- one consultation during which your tutor will analyse your needs in order to build your individual learning plan. Following this, we design your programme to include coursework, feedback/critique, and further tasks and development.


The number of sessions will vary according to the student’s requirements, but typically a course will consist of the following: 

4 sets of face time, needs analysis and feedback on tasks.  

6 sets of preparation and 6 sets of coursework.

Total number of tutor hours 16 hours.


Fees:  Initial consultation £250

            Follow up course: £950

Dates: Training sessions are held to suit your schedule.  We recommend a period of a minimum of one month in order to allow time to develop skills effectively. 


To book please contact us through our Contact Form.  

Entry Test Training 

We also design one to one support for students who need training in SATs, ACTs, IELTS, KIRA interviews, and all of the special entry tests required for applications to Oxford and Cambridge.  ​ Contact us with your requirements. 


'Mrs Banning primarily supported the essay part of the application which I felt lacked originality. Our discussions nurtured diversity of thought which led to more meaningful content and helped me appreciate the strength that can be found in culture and ambition. 


In addition, I also received support from her team members in achieving better scores on my SATs. The tutoring was outstanding and greatly increased my success on the test.'

Paul -successful applicant to the World Bachelor's in Business. Only 45 applicants accepted per year. 


Lynn Weston 

BA Hons German MA Creative Writing 

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