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Live video interview skills

Nowadays, it is essential to be able to present yourself well during a live video interview or on the telephone.  We provide bespoke training, which will give you the confidence to be successful in your final interviews and demonstrate how to use technology to your advantage.  

We offer flexible solutions which are adjusted according to your needs.  We focus on the content and structure of your answers to ensure you provide enough depth of answer, and provide advice on how to approach unexpected or difficult questions. The balance of training will be fine-tuned to reflect a client’s strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore extremely important to establish your exact requirements prior to the training taking place.


Marie-Louise Banning says, "Thorough preparation is the first stage for a successful interview, and then listening. This may sound simple, but when you are out of your comfort zone and you have to think quickly and logically, it is not so easy.  Video interviews can be especially challenging so we train you to use this medium to your advantage. 

Charlotte clearly outlines these points below."  
















Who is this for?  

Our Interview Training is for:


Entry requirements.

Minimum age - 17 plus.

Minimum English Level - IELTS 6.5 Upper Intermediate. 


Fees: 1 x session (taster): £250 

           2 x sessions: £425

           3 x sessions: £575

           Extra hour sessions: £150

           One session = one hour

Most applicants book a minimum of 2 sessions on the understanding that this gives them time to develop both their depth of answer as well as their presentation skills.  However, you can book a taster session if you are unsure whether to proceed. We recommend a time period of at least one week between each training session.  


Dates: Training sessions are held to suit your schedule.  

A structured process

Our training follows a pattern of initial preparation and practice which is then followed by constructive and honest feedback, further preparation, practice and feedback. Mock Interviews may be recorded and shared with you for future practice and improvement.


​Experienced Trainers

Our trainers offer a wide range of specialism and experience in HR, communications training and academia. Charlotte Taylor, our communications and media specialist, also provides expert support on using the on-line environment to your maximum benefit.


If you have an interview coming up shortly, please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs. We recommend this brief chat before you sign up to ensure we understand your requirements. We will then send you an Application Form, and request your CV, job description, or personal statement and subject choice details. You will receive some interview preparation, which will be tailored to your requirements, before the coaching session takes place. 

Charlotte Taylor.jpeg

Charlotte Taylor
BA Hons Media and Communications 

Film Director/Producer

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