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Martyna    Sciences Po Rheims- Politics N.America Minor

                Entry September 2023

We want to express our gratefulness for all your help to Martyna. It has been a very difficult and stressful period for her, but your sincerity and professionalism helped her to concentrate and do the best she could. 

Martyn's mother, Vilnius


Radvilas    Offers Harvard and Penn.

                 Entry September 2022

If not for you and Shirley, I am sure the decisions would have been drastically different.I can't be happier to have had you connect me with Shirley.  My dreams are now true, all thanks to your help. Thank you so so much!!

Radvilas, Vilnius

Isabelle    BA Hons Philosophy

               Corpus Christi, Cambridge 

Thank you very much for your great support and please also pass my honest thanks to Lucy. No matter whether Isabelle will get an offer for Cambridge or not she surely had a wonderful time learning with Lucy. She was always excited after talking to her.  Even if she doesn’t get a place it is always a good investment to understand things. 

Isabelle's mother, Wiesbaden

In fact Isabelle 's application to Cambridge has been successful! 


V            BA International Studies and Japanese

              University of Leiden, the Netherlands. 

I would like to thank you for the great preparatory work and dedication to this matter, and of course I would also like to thank Mrs. Wijsmann for her decisive suggestion where Valerie Chau agrees with her profile. Without your expertise and experience it would have been impossible for us to reach such a result.


V's father, Austria 

Paul      World Bachelor in Business  WBB

            University of Southern California

            Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

            Bocconi University.

Ms Banning helped me regarding my application to the World Bachelor in Business, a combined course between University of Southern California, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Bocconi University. With her guidance I was able to strengthen my portfolio significantly, which helped me secure a place.


She primarily supported the essay part of the application which I felt lacked originality. Our discussions nurtured diversity of thought which led to more meaningful content and helped me appreciate the strength that can be found in culture and ambition. 


In addition, I also received support from her team members in achieving better scores on my SATs. The tutoring was outstanding and greatly increased my success on the test. 

I can recommend Ms Banning and her team to any young applicant who wants to brighten his future opportunities.

Anna        Foundation in Art and Design 

               Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts


Mrs Banning and Mr Adey have greatly impressed us with their professional know how and concern for our daughter during her application in Art and Design. They helped Anna understand which course exactly she wanted to attend and were, without doubt, instrumental in making her application a success.  


Mr Adey helped develop Anna’s portfolio by covering a range of projects which drew Anna out of her comfort zone and helped her to see where her creative strengths are.  There was also much understanding for the workload she had to do for school, less than a year away from the German Abitur.  Anna enjoyed the challenges and her resulting portfolio got accepted by the School of Art and Design straight away.


We will definitely return to Mrs Banning if our son wishes to apply to the UK in two years’ time!


Anna's mother, Munich

Helena     BA Hons 

               Fashion Management 

               University Arts London


We would not have been able to succeed with our attempt for studying Fashion Management in a London university without the support from Mrs. Banning. After joint intense discussions about personal ambitions and options for our daughter, she was searching for the adequate courses and, most important, she then coached us heavily in preparing the application materials. It was great to experience her passion for quality and content. Her challenging and critical mindset forced us to deliver more than we could imagine, and this was key to succeed in receiving the offers that we aimed for. To summarize: a very nice and professional cooperation with a succesful result.


Pete and Eva and Helena, Vienna



Klara       BA Hons
               History and Politics

               University of Cambridge

I wanted to thank you for the tremendous collaboration we enjoyed while you were assisting my daughter, Klara, to gain a place in Cambridge to study History and Politics.


Not living in the UK, it would have been an almost impossible task for us to navigate the process without your help.  But with your knowledge, patience and kindness, you enabled my daughter to manage this stressful and demanding process, guiding her to more organized thought and generally giving her confidence to reach for this big achievement.  Not only would she not have managed it without you, but she would have been so very stressed at a time which is anyway stressful with final school exams looming.  We simply wouldn’t have managed without you. 


Klara is now a happy and fulfilled student at Cambridge thanks to all your efforts on her behalf.               


Klara's mother, Wiesbaden.


Pia        BSc Kingston
             MSc King's College London

             International Development

Marie-Louise works with a passion and personal commitment for each of her clients, that is rarely found.


When I finished the IB at boarding school in England I was very confused about what course I should choose at university and whether I would even get into one, since my grades were not the best. After meeting Marie-Louise the first time I already felt I had an idea of what I wanted to study and that she would help find the right University for me. She really took her time getting to know me,to make sure she could help me find the right path for me. Because of her I got to finish my Bachelor of Science with a first. She made my goal a reality.


Years after I met her the first time, she gave me the reassurance of trusting in myself and applying for my dream university, which was King´s College, London. If anyone would have told me 4 years prior to that, I would one day go to Kings College, after my disastrous school career, I would have laughed at them. Marie-Louise played a huge part in making this possible for me and pursuing my dream career. I will forever be grateful for her putting so much time, effort and work into my case.   


Pia, Vienna. 

Edoardo    BA Business and Management  
                Exeter University 

Mrs Banning è stata per nostro figlio Edoardo molto più di un tutor. Nell’ultimo biennio del diploma di  IB lo ha guidato con grande attenzione nella scelta delle Università, stimolato  a credere nelle proprie capacità nella scrittura del suo primo Personal Statement , conducendolo  con successo ad accedere ad una delle più prestigiose Università del Russell Group in Inghilterra. 

Mrs Banning è sempre stata  al fianco di Edoardo, rallegrandosi per ogni risultato, sostenendolo con positività nei momenti difficili,  indirizzandolo con discrezione e fermezza nelle scelte più importanti. 

A settembre 2018 Edoardo inizierà con entusiasmo il suo percorso universitario in Inghilterra e Mrs Banning lo ha salutato cosi “ Caro Edoardo, ora non hai più bisogno di me per volare e sei pronto a lasciare il tuo nido."

Edoardo's mother, Genoa

Ich arbeite schon seit vielen Jahren mit Marie-Louise Banning im Bereich Studienberatung zusammen und sie hat eine große Zahl unserer Schüler sehr erfolgreich an führenden Universitäten in Großbritannien oder den USA platziert. Für deutsche und österreichische Eltern und Studenten ist es nicht leicht  herauszufinden, welche Universität für den jeweiligen Studienwunsch die beste ist. Auch das Bewerbungsprozedere an den Universitäten unterscheidet sich sehr stark von dem in Deutschland oder Österreich. Wir schätze daher sehr Marie-Louises langjährigen Erfahrungen und ihre profunden Kenntnisse zur Unversitätslandschaft. Sie findet immer die beste Option für den jeweiligen Kandidaten und seinen Studienwunsch. Das gilt nicht für Studiengänge wie Business and Management oder Engineering, sondern auch für ausgefallenere Programme wie Animal Behavior oder Theatre Design. Ohne Ihre Hilfe wäre es extrem schwer, sich in der unübersichtlichen Studienlandschaft zurecht zu finden.

Ulrike Riedenauer, Riedenauer Education

Emily      Foundation Art and Design

              CSVPA Cambridge


Without doubt, Richard’s guidance made all the difference to Emily’s portfolio and to her college application. Emily had a good portfolio from her IB course at school, but by her own admission it was quite narrow and limited. 

With Richard's support her portfolio developed dramatically. He helped her see her work as a process rather than a final product, and made her appreciate the relevance and importance of her sketchbook as a starting point and a place in which to experiment and generate ideas. Each project Richard set had a different focus, and made Emily employ a variety of techniques and media, forcing her to think about aspects such as scale, perspective, tone, colour and style. 

Richard was both complimentary and critical throughout the process, and was always available for her if she had questions. Most of all he was an inspiration for Emily to understand and develop her work in more depth.  

Bruce Thompson, Director IH Buenos Aires


Al sinds vele jaren heb ik een goede samenwerking met Marie-Louise , die tot grote tevredenheid mijn studenten die in Engeland een bachelor of een master wilden gaan doen heeft geholpen.

Ik kan haar van harte aanbevelen, want haar lange ervaring op het gebied van het onderwijs en haar overzicht over de keuzemogelijkheden van studies in de UK maken dat zij een expert is op dit vlak en de juiste begeleiding kan bieden.

Kitty Wijsman, Studie-Wijs, Den Hagen,



Dear Marie-Louise,

Dear Shirley,

Nedas and the whole family would like to thank your company, and namely consultant Shirley, for all the hard work, for the support during all stages of application process and for the achieved wonderful result. We thank Shirley as a real professional for personal attitude, for all extra work, which was quite considerable in Nedas case, and for communication which is always very direct, open, sincere and motivating. This was an example of a personal attitude while doing the work highly professionally. We are so glad Nedas entered the college he wanted, received a big scholarship and has many chances to play on the college basketball team. Everything is achieved that he dreamed of. Thank you very much. We wish you all the best in your meaningful work.


Kind regards,

Nedas and his family, Vilnius

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